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Soldier of Justice
Chapter 1

"Would you kindly let the woman go." A girl said stern, the man in front of her turned his head to her then smiled perversely.
"Hmm you're even better than this bitch here." He said letting the woman he was strangling go, he stood up and walked up to the girl.
"Don't you dare try to do something with me!" The girl said while she moved herself into attack position.
The man only smiled then lounged at her, "You're mine little girl… you're all mine." He said.
The girl took a few steps back then kicked him in the stomach, "I told you don't you dare to try." She said when she stood in front of the man who was unconscious.
She rushed to the woman who still had trouble to breathe, "Thank you so much… what's your name?" The woman asked friendly.
The girl smiled, "You can call me Emilly Tayler." She replied while helping up the woman, "Go home quick before he wakes up".
The woman nodded and rushed away quickly, Emilly looked at the man once and called the police, the phone rang two times when a man picked up, "Police department Jubumiem, what can I do for you."
Emilly smiled a little when the man woke up a little and saw her again smiling perversely, "Please help me, a man is trying to rape me… please hurry." She suddenly said pretending to gasping for air.
"Lady, where are you?" The man on the phone said quickly.
The man cocked his eyebrow then came closer to Emilly, "No… no… don't…" She said the same, the man touched her shoulder scaring her and she kicked him in his balls making him scream in pain, "My lady… is everything alright?" The man on the phone asked worried, Emilly picked up her phone who fell on the ground when she kicked the man.
"I'm alright… I managed to kick him… he's unconscious now… I'm in the ally of Aatsy Street." She said breathing heavily.
"We're on our way." The man on the phone said before hanging up.
Emilly looked at the man smirking cause he's unconscious, then looked at herself and figured she didn't look like she was about to be raped, she pulled her shirt a little off and put a little dirt on it, she also ripped a few pieces of cloth making it more likeable that she was about to be raped.

Five minutes later the police arrived finding the girl sitting against a wall shivering all over her body holding a stick.
The man who got the call came to her, "You're safe now." He said looking at the man who was about to gain consciousness, "How did you managed to keep him unconscious so long?" He asked looking at the girl.
She looked at him with teary eyes, "Every time he was about to wake up I hit him with this stick." She said giving the stick to the police man, who gladly took it from her.
"What's your name my lady?" Another police man asked when he came next to his colleague.
"My name is Emilly Tayler." She said shivering looking at the second police man, she recognized him.
The police man gave a small nod, she examined him quickly and now she was sure it was him, it was her colleague and he didn't knew about her mission.
"You will have to come with us to testify about this man, I hope you're okay with that?" The other man asked politely.
Emilly nodded and stood up while the criminal got pushed into the police car, he looked at her, "You filthy Bitch!! You lied!! You f****** lied!!" Emilly got escorted to the other police car and they went to the police station.

During driving to the police station.
"What's he doing here?" Emilly thought looking at the man in the passenger's seat, "I didn't expect him to show up… I wonder…" She thought again, she looked out of the window and saw the road passing by, suddenly she saw a girl walking on the sidewalk, it was Kathy, who just happened to turn to the police car and saw her sitting in it. She saw her running away with a shocked expression on her face.
Emilly sighed and kept looking outside.

After a ten minute drive they arrived at the police station.
Emilly got escorted into the building, the two police men started to talk to a man behind the desk and they told her to wait in a little room.
The two men left the room leaving her alone, after a few minutes they both arrived back and started to asking her questions.
"These questions are the standard questions any victim has to answer, if you don't mind we will go on with these questions." The police man said kindly, Emilly nodded nervously.
"Alright, first things first, what's your name and where do you live?" The man asked.
"I'm Emilly Tayler… and I don't have a specific home… my parents are always travelling around." She said sheepishly, the man nodded and wrote it down on the paper.
"What's your age?" He asked again, "I'm 14 years old." Emilly answered with a shivering voice. The man wrote it down again and turned the other page, suddenly he started to look through the papers then turned to his colleague, "James… I forgot some papers." He said standing up and walked out of the room.

The man who stayed behind closed the door softly and turned to her with an angry face.
"What the hell are you doing here!! On my beat!!" He suddenly screamed. Emilly shocked because of the sudden outburst, "I didn't mean to!!  It just happened" She yelled back.
"Yeah right, and you just happened to be one of the best spies in the company!!." He said angry, Emilly stood up, "I really didn't mean to, I was…" She started but got interrupted by James, "Shh, he's coming" He said raising his hand and turned to her, "I don't know you!!" He opened the door quietly.
The police officer entered the room with a few papers in his hand, "I'm sorry for the delay, let's go on now." He said sitting down putting the papers on the table.
Emilly nodded sheepishly.

When the questioning was over James told his colleague he will join him soon cause he forgot something in the interrogation room.
He came to the room and saw that Emilly was still there, he entered the room then looked at Emilly again.
"I forgot something." He said looking beneath his table.
"… I'm really sorry." She said looking at James.
"Don't talk too much, I'll see you at twelve in the bar at the corner of Reise Lane." James said quickly, "Ah here it is." He said grabbing a pen off the ground then looked at Emilly. "I've got to tell the headquarters this criminal is behind bars, you were lucky, I want to know everything tonight." He said stern then left the room.

Emilly was allowed to go, after a few hours of more questioning. When it was about twelve o'clock she headed to the bar in Reise Lane, arriving she saw him sitting at a table.
"I'm here, what did you want to talk about." She said when she sat next to him.
"Evaya, how did you managed to be at that place." James said.
"I was walking from school to home, and I accidentally saw that man trying to rape a woman." She said.
"From school?" James asked curious. Evaya nodded, "I'm undercover as Emilly Tayler, a girl who was raped a long time ago, after that event she didn't go to school any more, Bosse said I had to replace her until I found the rapist." She explained, "And James, how did you manage to be at that place when you and your 'colleague' entered the crime scene?" She asked him smirking.
"You really are full of surprises Evaya." James snickered, "You know that I'm working in the office not without a proper reason."He said, Evaya cocked a eyebrow, "Ok, ok I'll tell you, but first tell your story." He insisted, Evaya nodded and started to explain.

"Me and Gurrey got called by Bosse" She began.
"Yes Bosse." Evaya and Gurrey said while they entered the room.
"Evaya, Gurrey, welcome." Bosse said when he turned with his chair to them, "I got a call from Olry, you know he's undercover at the police dept to catch a falsified police man, he had send me a message that in your district is a rapist on the loose." He said becoming serious.
"A rapist!" Gurrey said unbelievingly. Evaya looked at her colleague then back to Bosse, "How is it that we didn't know till just now?" Evaya asked serious.
Bosse turned to her, "That's because Olry got calls of raped children and women." He said keeping his gaze at her, "Some calls came from parents who wanted to post a missing child, some of them were found dead. Some women were found dead to." He said when turning to Gurrey.
"What do you want us to do about that." Gurrey said trying to figure out what this all means.
"Gurrey, you and Evaya are going undercover." Bosse said looking at them both, "Evaya you go to the school the closes to the crime scene, a survivor came from that school, since then she didn't went to school anymore, the head of the school tried to call but they never get her on the line, Evaya, you are going to play for that girl, her name is Emilly Tayler." He said then pushed a button. "Gurrey you will go to another school that's also near the crime scene, you'll be a transfer student that can't stay long." Evaya and Gurrey both nodded and went to the table that came from the floor.
"You don't need so much, Evaya for you I have made some shoes so you can kick a man and it'll be instantly unconscious, you'll need the gloves also, they have a special metal waved into it." He said then turned to Gurrey, "Gurrey for this mission you'll need the spider pen, this will throw out a web to constrict your enemy, also you'll need this." He said when reaching from under his desk and gave him something, "Evaya, Gurrey I'm counting on you, you are the only two who can catch this guy!" He said then turned his chair back, "Don't forget your rings." He added and waved them out of the room.

"I've been on that school for almost a year and never encountered that man… until today.

"Emilly!!" A girl screamed, "Be careful, it's not safe to go through there, you know what happened to Amilia!!" She said worried.
Emilly nodded, "Yes I know Kathy… but I have to go through there… I live past that street." She said shivering a little.
"Be careful Emilly." Kathy said petting her shoulder, Emilly gave a fake smile back.
"I'll be going now, see you tomorrow Kathy." Emilly said heading her way to home.

After a few minutes walking she arrived at Aatsy Street, "this is where that man raped all those women and girls." She thought looking around.
Suddenly she heard a scream coming from the other side of the street. Emilly rushed to the place and saw a man and a woman who was trying to break free, "Let me go, please!!"  She screamed scared.
Emilly braced herself, "Would you kindly let the woman go." She said.

"And the rest you know." She said
James whistles softly, "Aah so that's how ended up there?" He said impressed. Evaya smiled a little.
"Now your story James." She smirked. James chuckled, "Yup, a deal is a deal." He said then began his story.

James sat at his desk arranging the papers, "What a nice day, no calls, no stupid questions." He said leaning onto his chair, "Aaah, this is just heaven." He sighed relieved but his little piece of heaven got interrupted by his colleague who arrived at the office breathing heavily with a serious face
"Rulof… what's wrong." James said when he looked at his colleague. "James!, We've got a call!" He said regaining his breath, "We have to go now!" He said. James jumped up surprised and followed his colleague to the car.
When he went inside his car he asked Rulof, "What's going on… who called?"
Rulof looked at him, "We've got a call of a girl who was almost raped, we have to hurry, she might be in danger." He said, James nodded and they drove away up to the crime scene.

"And the rest is history." James said smirking.
"Oh, so your nice and peaceful day got interrupted by me." She giggled. James gave a evil look back, "Yeah, though I have to say, me and Rulof don't have much cases to do, it's like we never get a call, except for today and some rare opportunities." He said glaring at Evaya.
Evaya giggled and looked at her watch, "I'm sorry James, I have to go now, tomorrow will be my last day at school and I have to prepare myself." She said with a smile and stood up.
"Evaya!" He said grabbing her arm before she could go away, "I've got one more thing to say." He smiled.
Evaya turned to him, "And that might be?" She asked cocking an eyebrow.
James smiled again, "Mission complete." He said while letting her go, Evaya's eyes soften a little and she smiled warmly back at him, "Thank you James." She said and left the bar.

End of Chapter 1.
This is my first story that is not fantasy related, more likely it's detective genre

I hope you guys like it and that this kinds of story would be interesting enough.
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