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Mischén of Crocanië

Chapter 4: The Project,

The tape started to roll, and could already hear the first sounds.
Layla then came in picture.
"Hey Layla." You heard Jason saying from behind the camera.
"Yes.?" Layla turned around and looked in the camera, "Why are you filming?" She asked.
"I think they are going to do their project, when we are not watching." Jason explained, "And now they think we are not home, so we need to be quite enough." He added.
"Ooh." Layla said smiling, "They could be here any minute." Layla said suddenly very serious.
"Yeah I know that's why I already start filming." Jason said softly.
"Shush, their coming." Layla said with her finger on her lips.

"Shut it." A males voice said from the other side of the front door, I don't want to do this either." He went on, "But we have to." He added.
"Hey, don't blame me." A girls voice answered. "We tried to change partner ship with Jason and Layla and they didn't want remember!" She added screaming a little.
"Why me." The male voice said when the key went into the lock and clicked it open.
"Jason, you should film the hallway." Layla whispered as soft as she could, "Not me." She added.
"Oh sorry." Jason said when the camera moved to the hallway through the door they opened.

The front door opened and you saw Mischén and Adriana squabbling coming in.
"Hurry, they might come home soon." Adriana said hastily.
"Don't worry, they shouldn't be home for the next couple hours." Mischén said a little irritated.
Adriana looked around and became in awe.
"Wow." She said still looking around, "This is huge." She added, "How can your parents afford this all?" She said again while turning around to Mischén.
"It's not from my parents." Mischén started, "It's my house." He added and saw the expression on Adriana's face.
"I live here on my own, together with Layla and Jason…" He explained.
Adriana looked around again into the huge house.
"Which is their room?" She asked looking to the rooms.
"Up there." Mischén said pointing above the stairs, "The two at the right side of the stairs." He added moving his finger to the rooms.
"What's yours?" She asked curious.
"Mine is the first on the left." He said moving his finger to the left side of the stairs, "And before you ask where the living room is, that's through that door, and the bathroom is upstairs out there next to the last room." He explained more.
"How can you pay all this." Adriana started, "You don't even have a job." She went on, "Don't tell me you're a secret agent… right!?" She added.
Mischén started to feel pretty uncomfortable and looked around a little.
"Well I…"He started, "We should start with the… project before Jason and Layla come home." He added and within a eye blink he rushed into the living room.

Layla giggled a little at Mischén's reaction.
"Layla, you know that every sound will be recorded??" Jason whispered as soft as he could.
"Oeps sorry." Layla said sheepishly.
"Oh Adriana goes into the living room too." Jason suddenly whispers, "Hurry." He added.
The camera moved to the living room, and hided behind the open door.

Mischén and Adriana came in view again.
"You go first." Adriana said when Mischén went sitting onto the couch but stood up quickly.
"What…?" He said, "Why me?" He added.
"Because…" Adriana started, "You're a boy." She added with a glare.
"And what's that supposed to mean??" He said back with a glare too.
"That boy's do what the girl said he should do." She said with a smirk on her face, "And I say, You go first." She added with a glare added to her smirk.
"What!" Mischén exclaimed, "That's not even fair." He added.
"So!" Adriana said, "You go first." She added pouting.
"But… but…" Mischén started, "Alright." He went on, "Women." He added looking up and sat down onto the couch again.
"You know." Adriana started again, "I think it's better if you lift up your shirt." She added smirking again.
Mischén for instance jumped up from the couch again and looked at her.
"What." He started, "Not gonna happen!!" He said quickly.
"You know it's works better to find someone's weak spot on the body…" Adriana said still smirking, "If there are no clothes in the way." She added.
"Not Gonna Happen." Mischén said quickly, "Understand Not gonna happen at all." He added.
"But Mischén…"Adriana started but got interrupted by Mischén.
"Na ah I said Not gonna happen." He said while standing suddenly very close at the door and the camera, "We do it with the clothes on not under it." He added.
"Are you ticklish?" Adriana said with still the same smirk on her face.
"Why do you ask." Mischén said taking a step closer to the door, "I just don't trust you." He went on, "You'd probably scratch me or something, especially with those nails of yours." He added while pointing to her sharp nails, "I'm not born yesterday." He added again.
Jason and Layla started to feel very uncomfortable while trying to keep very quite and making any sound.
"Alright, alright, we're gonna do it your way." She said while sitting onto the couch
"Ok." He said while walking back to the couch, "I trust you." He added when he sat down onto the couch for the third time.
"Oooh, this is gonna fun." Jason said excited.
"Says the person who blamed me to talk because the camera can pick up every sound." Layla said smiling a little, "Oh well." She added while she shook her shoulders.
Mischén turned to Adriana and said, "Go ahead.".
"Alright." Adriana said, "Here I go." She added when she tried to tickle him.
"You're not ticklish." She said while writing it down on a piece of paper.
"See." Mischén said in a little triumph because she fell for his little trick.
Adriana tried out some other spots that normally is a weak spot with boy's.
"Not here too." She said while tickling him under his feet and that he didn't react, "Wow, do you even have a weak spot?" Adriana said surprised.
"Everyone has a weak spot." Mischén said with a warm smile, "And our project is to find it." He added looking at her.
"It seems I can't find yours." Adriana said a little bit defeated.
"If I were you I shouldn't give up yet." Mischén said trying to cheer her up a little.

"Huh…" Layla said softly, "I thought he was ticklish." She added confused.
"He is." Jason answered whispering, "He can keep a straight face if you tickle him, to let you think he's not ticklish." He went on. "She should try again when he's of guard." He added.

"He's off guard now." Adriana thought, "I can tickle him again." She continued her thoughts.
Adriana suddenly lunged onto Mischén and started to tickle him again with butterfly movements.
Mischén started to laugh loudly, "Y.. you go me, s.. so y.. you can s.. stop" Mischén tried to say between the laughs.
"Not gonna happen." Adriana said laughing a little and went on tickling.
While she were tickling she went on to his back, and came to a small sensitive place on his back.
Mischén screamed of pain while he jumped up from pain and hits his head onto the ceiling and fell back on the ground again.
"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." Adriana apologized while trying to think back at what actually happened, "I didn't mean to, are you alright." She added worried and kneeled beside him.
Mischén rubbed the bump on its head and looked at Adriana, "Yeah I'm alright." He said.
"What happened??" She asked and saw his eyes turning red.
"Your eyes…" She said all of the sudden, "Their red… are you bleeding?" She added and became more worried.
"Red??" He asked, "What are you talking about." He said while he blinked once confused.
"Huh…" She said confused too, "Now it's normal again!!" She added still confused.
"What the hell happened." She said again looking worried at Mischén.
"How should I know!!" He replied, "All I know is that I felt a incredible pain in my back when you were tickling there and a minute later I had hit the ceiling and had a terrible headache, then you kneeled next to me." He explained still rubbing his head.
"Hmm, Show me your scar." She suddenly said already reaching out to his shirt, "I've heard from Layla and Jason you had a scar, so show me." She added while still reaching out.
"My sca…" Mischén said backing off a little, "My scar, that's none of your business.." He added.
"It now is." She said trying to grab his shirt, "Now show me!" She added lunging onto Mischén again and tried to pull his shirt up.
"Hey keep your hands to yourself." He said trying to get her off him, "Hey what did I say." He nearly screamed.
Suddenly there came an idea popping into his mind, he moved a little and grabbed Adriana's wrists and came easily behind her.
He decided to pay her back with tickling and Adriana started to laugh loudly.
"W.. w.. wha.. what are y.. yhou doing..haha." She tried to say between her laughs.
"Payback." He replied laughing and tickled softer so she would become totally crazy.
Adriana laughed harder and harder when she did somehow managed to pull up his shirt a little, more likely while kicking her legs up and down from laughing.
They both were laughing loudly, they were actually laughing like if they were the best friends in the world.
"Ch.. ome on, st..ha sth..op." Adriana managed to say between her loud laughs.
"Alright, alright, I stop." He said and stopped laughing.
Adriana breathed heavily.
"Now get off me." She said laughing a little, "This pose is actually pretty awkward." She said laughing but there did came a tinsi winsi little blush on her face.
"Alright." He replied and went of her laughing a little.
"Sorry." Adriana started, "I really didn't mean to hurt you, I just tickled you." She added apologising.
Mischén turned around and looked at her, the way she looked at him almost made him melt away.
"It's alright." He said smiling, "You couldn't do anything about it." He added and stood up to walk back to the couch.
"Oh my god." Adriana suddenly said.
"What…?" Mischén replied turning back to her, "Something wrong?" He added looking at Adriana who stared with her mouth wide open.
"T.. that's your scar?" She said walking up to Mischén turning him around again.
"W… what…" He said when he got turned around.
He turned his head to see what she meant with that and saw that his shirt got up a little.
Adriana pulled his shirt more up and her expression changed from awe to a painful expression.
"That must've hurt." She asked when she looking up to Mischén
"Yep." He said dry, "It did hurt when I got it." He added pulling his shirt down and went sitting onto the couch.
"It reminds me of that boy in the forest, he had a similar wound like that." Adriana thought, "I recognize it from somewhere…" She said, "The boy I talked about from four years ago, he had a similar would like that." She went on, "His should be heal by now." She added.
"Really?" Mischén asked, "You know someone who've got the same wound as I did?" He added.
"Yes… If he's still alive, it was a pretty bad wound." Adriana said looking down a little.
Meanwhile Mischén thought back.
"I did meet  a girl when I were younger and it was right after I were attacked, could it be…" He thought, "That Adriana is that girl, because her story is almost similar to my memory… could it be." He continued his thought.
"Mischén are you listening?" Adriana said waving her hand before his eyes when he looked up at her, "I was talking to you." She added a little angry.
"Huh, what?" He said shaking his head a little to let his thought go, "Did you say something, I was thinking." He added.
"Yeah I was talking when you doze off!." Adriana replied angrily.
"Well I'm sorry miss picture perfect." Mischén standing up from the couch, "I was just thinking, that happens everyone." He added irritated.
"Not me." Adriana replied looking away, "I certainly do not." She added a little know it all, "I listen to someone when it speaks." She added again.
"Yeah right." Mischén started, "Admit it you doze off too sometimes, Admit it." He added with a smirk.
"Girls don't have to admit." Adriana said and looked at him angrily.
"Come on." Mischén said, "Who do you think you are, the princess!" He went on and started to scream a little, "I'm sick of you commanding me all the time about what I have to do." He added.
"Oh you're sick of it." Adriana said screaming a little too, "How should I treat you then huh, like a prince!." She added.
When Adriana said 'prince' Mischén shocked a little, he almost wanted to say, 'Yeah duh I am one.' but instead he said, "What… No!".
"Treat me like I'm someone not like a nothing, like you do" He went on, "You always treat me like if I'm dirt, is it that bad I'm a half?" He added screaming.
"What!!" Adriana exclaimed, "I don't treat you like dirt." She added screaming.
"Yeah… sure you don't." Mischén screamed before she could say anything else.
"Yes." She screamed back, "And I don't care if a person is Human, meschen, or a Half meschen." She added angrily.

"Oh no." Layla whispered sad.
"Here they go again." Jason added whispering sad.
"You should think after the big tickle fight they would finally be a little bit more nice to one and other." Layla said whispering, "Am I right" She added the same way.
"I thought so to." Jason whispered back.

"Man, why wont you stop complaining." Mischén screamed back after another one of Adriana's complains, "I'm a human too you know and Humans make mistakes." He added while screaming angrily.
"What the hell was I thinking, She's not that sweet and nice girl, what I thinking." He thought.
"I hate to see people not paying attention to each other alright." Adriana screamed.
"Ok, I'll Stop You're Highness." Mischén screamed and  gave a bow to her, actually a little to perfect bow, but they were to angry to each other to notice, "I'll shut my mouth already, and you know, I could kick you out my house right now, but I don't because of this damned project." He added screamed aloud.
The camera could record the sound perfectly now without any problem because they screamed.
"Hey don't start blaming me!" Adriana screamed, "I'd love to get you off my back alright, now let's finish this damned thing." She added screaming on the top of her lungs.
"My pleasure." He screamed back as hard as she did.
They both turned to the couch and sat down again while saying not a single word to each other.

"Is this going on like this." Jason suddenly said whispering, though it was less hear able because they whispered, "Btw did you see that??" He added whispering.
"What..?" Layla whispered back.
"Mischén's face when Adriana apologised to him…?" He asked whispering.
"Well… I didn't…" Layla looked at him questionably then looked back, nudged Jason and the camera shocked a little, "Keep your focus there, their starting to talk again." She whispered after the nudge and Jason shuffled back, focusing the camera back at the duo.

"Why do we always have to end like this." Mischén started braking the silence, "Why can't we have a truce, because we have to do the project?" He asked.
"Don't ask me." Adriana said, "And that's a good idea… btw if Jason and Layla would be here, they would laugh their asses of, seriously, we've been acting like a bunch of idiots" She added.
"Yeah." Mischén chuckled, "Let's finnish this stupid project, at least you can write down I'm ticklish instead of not ticklish, am I right" He added.
"Yeah." She replied chuckling.

They tried out some other spots with each other, except from is scar.
Something was happening in Mischén's mind, he didn't understand anymore what happened and why he felt pain because she didn't scratch him.
They actually both were thinking about it.

After a while they finally were finished.
"So, that's done." Adriana said.
"Not yet…" Mischén said while reading over their answers, "You forgot the weak spot from attacks, I mean, where you're weak for." He added.
"What do you mean?" Adriana asked.
"I mean, I'm a meschen, more likely a half meschen, but I do have a special ability, with a special ability belongs a weakness." Mischén explained.
"Oh yeah I totally forgot." Adriana answered, "Uh what's your special ability and your weakness then?" She asked curious.
"My special ability is electricity, and my weakness is rain water." Mischén said a little ashamed, "I barely come out when it rains, and when I do I dress myself like if I live in Alaska." He added looking down.
"What's yours?" He asked.
"Well I don't have a special ability like you do, but I do have a weakness." She answered, "My weakness is fire." She added.
They both wrote it down on the paper they wrote all the things at.

"Gosh, look at the time." Mischén suddenly said, "It's already time for you to go home." He added looking at the clock.
"Dang, it's late." Adriana said with a yawn.
"Come on, I'll bring you home." Mischén said while standing up, "It's not safe for a girl like you at this hour." He added.
Adriana stood up and grabbed his hand.
"I'm tired." She said when she fell back on the couch and Mischén grabbed her on the nick of time to let her fall softly on the couch.
"Hey, be careful." He said when she sat down.
"I'm a little bit dizzy." She added while almost dozing off to dreamland.
"Grab my hand and stand up again." He said when Adriana grabbed his hand again wobbled on her legs, "Come here." He added when he went standing in front of her lifted her up on his back.
"Don't move to much." He said, then looked at her and saw she fell asleep, "You're already asleep, I'll bring you to the guest room." He said softly trying not to wake up Adriana.
He walked to the living room door.

"Shit, Layla come on we need to Hide… Now!!" Jason suddenly whispered louder.
"Ooh Shit…." Layla answered.
The camera left the ground, and the room got blurry for a second because it turned around.
Then it became normal again and they rushed into a dark room.
"Oh no… this is the guest room" Layla whispered louder too now.
"Uh oh… come quickly hide in the closet." Jason quickly whispered when the camera went to a way darker room then they were in before.
The light into the room they were in before flicked on and Mischén walked in with Adriana on it's back.
"Aww that's soo sweet." Layla whispered cutely.

"There you go." Mischén said while laying Adriana down onto the bed, "I'll bring you home in the morning when you wake up." He added softly.
He laid the blankets onto her and gave a good night kiss onto her forehead.
"Sweet dreams." He said while placing the small good night kiss.
He turned around to walk out of the room then Adriana suddenly said soft, "Mischén.".
"Yeah?" He asked her softly.
"Thanks." She said softly in her dream state.
"You're welcome." He answered with a smile on his face then walked out of the room and flicked off the lights.

"Come on, we've gotta get out of here." Layla said, "Stop that damned camera." She added hastily when the camera shot down.
Then for three minutes a black screen with the words '2 Monthes Later'

The screen went on again and you saw Jason and Layla sitting onto their bed.
"Well as you can see, you were already starting to like her Mischén." Layla said happily, "Just Admit it." She added with a giggle.
"You were in a cat fight a lot but that didn't mean you two didn't like each other." Jason said with a smirk.
"And as you can see." Layla said again, "We Were Home" She added smirking too.
"So that's one point for us and zero for you." Jason said laughing a little.
"And besides, this is a very very nice memory for later." Layla added again.
"So cheers from us." They both said in unison, "And happy birthday to you two." They added while drinking from a glass of water.
And then the tape stopped.

End of Chapter 4.
Hii people here's Chapter 4, I hope you'll like it, if you do, please comment me:D!!

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