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Gallery construction

My page is going to get in construction for a little while, atleast my gallery is, I'm going to lessen some folders and I'm gonna try to make a better pixel thingy for it >_<

Hopefully after I constructed it, it will be allot better to get the hang of it >_<
I still will have the folders for my different kind of stories >_< so you will still get there by clicking on that >_<

Commissions, requests ect.


:points: 3: Not animated - >>ref<<
:points: 8: Group icon - >>ref<<
:points: 6: Main account icon - >>ref<<

Pixel Art:
:points: 4: Minecraft pixel - >>ref<<
:points: 10: Half Body - >>ref<<
:points: 15: Full Body - >>ref<<
:points: 20: Journal doll Not animated - >>ref<<
:points: 25: Trainer overworld (B&W HG&SS style) mention which one you want both are the same price - >>ref<<
:points: 30: Full Body Animated - >>ref<<
:points: 35: Journal doll Animated - >>ref<<
:points: 50: Trainercard: - >>ref<< That is cause it takes a hell of allot of time... sorry
:points: 50 Pokemoncard (pokedex like) - >>ref<< That is also cause it takes a hell of allot of time...
:points: 55: Overworlds: - >>ref<< Again that is cause it takes a hell allot of time ^^;
:points: 150: Pokemon maps: - >>ref<< Hopefully you can understand why ^^;

:points: 8: Half Body - >>ref<<
:points: 10: Chibi - >>ref<<
:points: 12: Full Body - >>ref<<

Traditional is all black and white if you want it to be coloured it's + :points: 2
With a BG it's an extra + :points:2

Pokemon League Group

Come and Join

The group is open for challengers :D
we also seek a few gym leaders which you can check out in the Gym Leaders section.
If you want to be a challenger or Gym leader please send the group a note, or comment on the front page after you of course read the rules for joining ^_^.

Go to ThePokemonLeague and join :D

This is my Gym and Pokémon
>>Electric Gym Leader trainer card (Main gym) by TintjeMadelintje101<<

Things I have here on DA

Here is a list and the status of the stories I have on DA.




Mischén of Crocanië - Ongoing : >>Link<<
Forbidden Access - Ongoing : >>Link<<
Soldier of Justice - Ongoing : >>Link<<
The Dragons Den - Ongoing : >>Link<<
Sky Hopper - Ongoing : >>Link<<
Changed - On Hold : >>Link<<
Ranger Alice - On Hold : >>Link<<


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team - On Hold : >>Link<<
PMD Red Rescue Team - Gates to the Past - Not Started : >>Link<<
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Powers of Eon - Ongoing : >>Link<<
Yugioh 4E (Fan Manga) - Ongoing : >>Link<<

Pixel art:


>>Pixel works<<



Traditional : >>Link<<
Digital : >>Link<<

Let's Play (on my Youtube account):


Pokémon Nova Luna: >>Link<<
Pokémon AshGrey: >>Link<<
Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar Dark: >>Link<<
Pokémon Uranium: >>Link<<

I'm a ... and my languages are ...

Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfearStamp - Camera User by firstfearStamp - Mouse User by firstfearStamp - User by firstfearStamp - MSPaint User by firstfearStamp - MangaStudio User by firstfearStamp - Gimp User by firstfear

Dutch Language Level Expert by iheartjapan789USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

I'm a GAMER Casual STAMP by Faeth-design that stands for:
1. Only play games for fun
2. Does not care / cares very little about titles.
3. Has a basic understanding of game genres - i.e. Shooters, RPG's, Simulations. ect​
4. Has favorite; game genres, characters and consoles.​
5. Owns either a handheld, PC Game, Xbox, (PS) 1-3, Nes-Wii. ect​
6. Completed 1 or more Games.​

which I all of em do, the hardcore is not yet for me, I don't do 1 or 2 things from that list XD

All about pokemahns XD

Adult Pokemon Fan's Stamp by RhaedaLeeMirePokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDuke

Top 10 fav Pokémon:

1: Lugia - Lugia by Cathines-StampsLugia Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps249 - Lugia by MarlenesstampsStamp- Lugia Supporter by LtJJFalconLugia Fan Stamp by Drake09lugia stamp by PFV0-StampLugia Stamp by Snuf-StampsShadow Lugia stamp by YamiRyuu-chanLugia - stamp by V1KAlugia stamp by ripple09Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsPokemon silver - stamp by evilmurkrowLugia stamp 4 by LJ-PokemonStamp : I love Lugia by LG-Nimbuslugia stamp by ripple09Shiny Lugia Stamp by RinixKiyoshiAnipetcon: Shadow Lugia by BlueHibiskusLugia Icon by ToxicSerpentShadow Lugia by ObsessedWithHorsesLugia by MystykFyreLugia anim by BisumitoIsSnazzyLugia Cursor by Cursed-MidnaHGSS Lugia Sprite by Pokemon-DiamondFlying Lugia by QuanyailsLugia Sprite by armainaAnipetcon: Lugia by BlueHibiskusIcon: Sparkling Lugia by JiayiLugia by Maryenne042Brawl: Lugia Fan Stamp by WolfTwilight#249 Lugia by xXEclipseTheCatXx
2: Typhlosion - Typhlosion Stamp by pokemon1165579Typloshion's Everywhere by endlerHeat Wave. by Hamshireh:: 157 :: by flaiKiShiny Typhlosion by Marlenesstamps#157 Typhlosion Stamp by Cyanide-TeaShiny stamp by HikariOkami157 - Typhlosion by MarlenesstampsTyphlosion Stamp by OreobytesTyphlosion stamp by grapsen#157 Typhlosion by xXEclipseTheCatXxTyphlosion Stamp by ToxicRainbowCupcakesTyphlosion New Sprite by FlamejowGold Typhlosion by DrekalderTyphlosion by SagerazielTyphlosion RGB by chanchimiTyphlosion Animated Sprite by longcat93Typhlosion Sprite by Lorena677Sprite: Typhlosion by HarudoTyphlosion Flame Wheel by ScyTehScytherTyphlosion by GhettoSketchah
3: Luxray - luxray stamp by PFV0-StampLuxray Stamp by LauziLuxray Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsLuxray Stamp by StevehuskyLuxray Stamp by KibichuFUCK YEAH LUXRAY by Dametora405 Luxray by SkaianAngelLuxray stamp by JontukkaLuxray Stamp by Waffle217405 Luxray Stamp by Miala17:: 405 :: by flaiKi
4: Jolteon - Animated Jolteon Stamp by JA-punksterJolteon Stamp by Storm-the-ChaoJolteon Stamp 0 by ice-fireJolteon Stamp by ice-fireJolteon Stamp by MajinPatJolteon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp135. Jolteon Stamp by xLady-Mizu135-2 Jolteon Stamp by PokestampsPokemon X/Y Stamp: Jolteon by SD-DreamCrystalJolteon Stamp by Porygon-ZJolteon Stamp by Kibichu#135 Jolteon by xXEclipseTheCatXxJolteon by Cathines-StampsJolteon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsJolteon Fan Stamp by StampManiaJolteon stamp by Dametora
5: Suicune - Suicune Stamp 1 by ice-fireSuicune Stamp by ice-fireSuicune Stamp 0 by ice-fireSuicune Stamp by FireStump245 - Suicune by MarlenesstampsSuicune stamp by NoNamepjeBrawl: Suicune Fan Stamp by WolfTwilightSuicune Stamp by StrawberrieMew"Suicune Fan" Stamp by KT-245#245 Suicune by xXEclipseTheCatXx#245 Suicune by xXEclipseTheCatXxSuicune Stamp by DjMan12545Suicune Stamp by FireFlea-Sansuicune stamp by fox--butts245 Suicune by SkaianAngel
6: Aurorus - 699 - Aurorus by MarlenesstampsAurorus Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
7: Rayquaza -
8: Archeops -
9: Talonflame -
10: Charizard -

Fav Types:
1: Electric Types - Lightning Love Stamp by ZahuranecsREQUEST: Electrifying by SimbaTheHumanElectric-Type Stamp by YenshinFire-Type Stamp by Yenshin
2: Fire Types - Fire Type Love Stamp by Zahuranecs
3: Fossil Pokémon - Fossil Love Stamp by Zahuranecs

Pokémon regions I love: Johto Fan Stamp by EmpovyleOrre Fan Stamp by EmpovyleAlmia Fan Stamp by EmpovyleOblivia Fan Stamp by Empovyle

Games I love (and played):
PMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Darkness by Acro-SethyaPMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue by Acro-SethyaStamp - PKMN Soul Silver Ver. by kaitoupiratepokemon leaf green version stamp by sable-saroAlpha Sapphire Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionStamp - PKMN Emerald Version by kaitoupirate

Games I own: Stamp - PKMN Red Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Blue Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Yellow Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Gold Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Silver Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Crystal Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Ruby Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Sapphire Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Emerald Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN LeafGreen Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN FireRed Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Soul Silver Ver. by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN X by kaitoupiratePMD Stamp : Pokemon MD Gates to Infininty by Acro-SethyaPMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time by Acro-SethyaPMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red by Acro-SethyaPMD Stamp : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky by Acro-SethyaPokemon Ranger Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsPokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsAlpha Sapphire Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion

My fandoms:

Random Pokémon stamo stuff:
Pokemon Fan Stamp [Animated] by AzurynnEeveelution stamp by Animus-SeedPokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by Mintaka-TKStamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyroguePokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by aquaharpElectric Love - Stamp by randomsnailfactor
More to come





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TintjeMadelintje101 has started a donation pool!
446 / 4,796


I'm aiming for a super group for my, RayquazaGaby's and DarmanInigo's fabulous group PMDNewExplorers, hopefully you want to donate so we can make our group nice and homey

The prize of a Super Group is now 4,796 Points!! Please help us achieve our goal!!

So For people who like to donate for :iconpmdnewexplorers: Donate here
Got some free points left, then please donate ^_^

My commission point will be used mainly for the Super Group, BUT I can use them to commission someone if I really want to.

Also this is where you can send the points for my commissions :) please mention from which commission


Not started Sparkle ProgressBar Not Started Blue by TintjeMadelintje101
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People I owe a commission to
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InuPokefan Foreva
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Well I'm Tina Iping... my birthday is June the 4th... I've been drawing again since I was 15 years old, I'm a self taught artist and have been struggling with a few things around traditional and pixel arts.
My favourite artist is Rumiko Takahashi, author of 2 of my favourite anime's Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2.

I like to write and I like to draw, what you'll see mostly from me is digital pixel art, and traditional drawings, also you'll see some writings I wrote here and there appear.

Feel free to sniffle through my work and if you like it feel free to comment or not ^_^

My good friends here in DA

Well just so you know he's my fiance in real life, we're engaged for 3 years now, he joined DA to share his artwork so when you are able please support him, his self esteem is even worse then mine.
We sometimes combine his ideas with my drawings so yeah ;)

Bri - AffectionsXTouchingX
She's a good friend of mine, we have a couple of interests that we have in common like, Inuyasha, Ranma, cats and maybe a couple more.
She's fun to talk with and also to RP with when we have the chance ^_^

Meg - MegMewMew
She's a real good friend of mine, we talk allot through skype and we're rping allot if you want go give her a look ;)

Ex (I call him Ex XD) - ExSuicune
He might not be online so much but he's really nice to talk to, we share the interests of Pokemon and maybe a bit more that we aren't aware about XD

Gaby-san - RayquazaGaby
He's a real cool guy, fun to talk to he's also a co-founder of a group we created >PMDNewExplorers < we share allot of interests, esspecially when it comes to Pokemon (PMD).

Iñigo-kun - DarmanInigo
He's also a really cool guy, really fun to talk to, he is also the co-founder of the group PMDNewExplorers He helps me allot when I'm not around, likes Pokemon allot and of course PMD :D

Rico-kun - Rotten-Apple-Doodle
She's a bit shy but once you get to know her she's a really nice girl :P her and our interests are widely variable which is cool.

Yu-chan - Seiryu6
She's a really nice girl, love to talk with her about random things, she loves Pokemon and Inuyasha, AND we share a love for BSB!! WHICH is just really AWESOME!! uhgum ok, anyway we talk allot through my Join.Me when I'm online, really she's a real nice girl :iconthumbsupplz:

Mana (Katlyn) - Whispering-Starz)
She's a nice girl, we talk allot, we sometimes do things for eachother art wise, she though changes accounts allot, but she's worth watching, go give her a watch (and then keep an eye for changing accounts journal... she might change again >_<)


My Real life and DeviantArt Story

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 5:17 AM

Remember the my Deviant art story I wanted to write a more indepth story of my life aswell (not very indepth, if you really want to know ask me and you'll hear my whole life from top to bottom XD)

So here is my story:
(let's start at the beginning I began on DA further back is no use in this journal anyway)

My journey on DA began very simple. 4 years ago I was simply strolling through google images for some awesome Pokémon/Anime ect. pictures, I saw a few and saved those to my pc, I didn't know about artist copywright or whatever it was, I thought those images were on the internet so it was free to save them on my pc and redraw them. A few of my arts here are still redraws of actual drawings made by others on DA from only 1 piece I knew from who I redrew it which is this drawing >Ash and Pikachu Hugging by TintjeMadelintje101<, the others I have no idea and also couldn't find the actual picture anymore (as much as I want to give credit to the original drawer).
After a while strolling through pictures on google I saw that allot of pictures came from a site called DeviantArt, some of the pictures there I couldn't see (I dunno why) whatever I tried to do, I strolled through pictures for I think a year? not sure anymore.
I saw the little thumbnail but when I clicked on the picture to go to the actual site I couldn't see it. So after pondering for a few weeks, and also having the problem of not being able to see some awesome pictures, I decided to create a free account on DeviantArt on the 19th of October 2009. I could watch and save many awesome pictures, and at some point I decided to give it a shot in drawing aswell, I hadn't touched a pencil in years (around 8 years) and I felt the urge to why not give it a shot again.
So I started to doodle some things in my workbooks of school, and I thought that I was pretty good in it (I know I know >_< I was horrible.) then I decided to redraw some pictures and I also thought they looked pretty real (I know >_< it was nothing like I do now) then I thought, where can I submit my drawings too, and I remembered the site where I made a free account to watch drawings from others and that I created an account a month earlier. So I submited my first submission which was also a drawing which I was pretty proud at and I knew that Pokémon was acceptable to like on DA >- Latios and Latias by TintjeMadelintje101 -<
Back then my life was dark and I didn't think I did anything ok, but when I started to draw again a piece of light emerged to me.
At first nobody knew me, and basically nobody was there to actually see my drawings or they may even not liked it, it was one of the things that I already knew that would happen because I wasn't good in anything (In my state of mind then). I was in my 4th (which is also the last) year of middle school and there it was a horrible time for me. I was sad I didn't want to go to school in the school building my feet dragged me to my classes while my mind screamed for freedom.
Then because I submitted that piece, I drew redrew more and more Pokémon (like these - Suicune by TintjeMadelintje101Kyogre by TintjeMadelintje101Latios by TintjeMadelintje101 and also that picture above) but also other things like these Anime Girly by TintjeMadelintje101 - Anime girl by TintjeMadelintje101 .
after I drew those, I discovered Anime I talked with a few people at school (the only people that accepted me like me) and one of them also drew anime like pictures, I doodled a piece in my workbook and submitted my first anime like picture - Amy Adrimaye by TintjeMadelintje101 -
I drew more and more pictures and then I got new pencils and drew these pieces (redrew) - Ranma and Akane by TintjeMadelintje101 - Moltres by TintjeMadelintje101 and Shadow Lugia by TintjeMadelintje101 .

After a while I decided to share my stories with the people here because I figured out you could also submit literature >_<
the story which I had in my head for years then didn't had a name >_<, it stared as -The story of secret-, then it became - Secret's Life - .... and as last the name became - Mischén of Crocanië -, who's name I decided to have and keep.
I also started a PMD like story (but then not PMD style not in a PMD world XD) - Changed -

Those 2 stories overcame many changes in plot and story line, esspecially Mischén of Crocanië did.
- Skip if you want -
The story started as a Pokémon like story (you don't know that story line >_<), later on it started as a Pokémon like story with special powers and such (that story line you also don't know), after that it became a story with human like Pokémon which could use poweres and came from a different plannet (you do might know that story plot XD) then it became a story about human like creatures who could use powers (elemental powers) who lived like humans among humans but still had their characteristics different then the human itself, and that was my last evolution in the story.
- You can read from here again XD -

And made a oneshot called  - The Beast Of The Sea -

I also drew in the meantime a few pieces (I thought that looked like anime >_<) like - Mischen Makani, pen drawing by TintjeMadelintje101 (<- this one I drew with a how to draw book (with a few more pieces)XD) and Rainy Day For An Angel by TintjeMadelintje101 (which were soo out of proportion XD)

And then I got colour pencils, which I used for a contest (this one - YingYangStarfire Contest Entry by TintjeMadelintje101 - ), and later for a piece at which I am to date still extremely proud at - Shadow Lugia, colour by TintjeMadelintje101 -

I tried to tune up my proportions so I bought a few how to draw Manga books XD and learned more about proportions, YET I was horrible at it and wasn't able to do anything at all in proportion XD so I ditched to proportion thing XD
So I drew more with coloured pencils and things out of the head (without reference), then made my second OC (my first one is Mischén) Skyler Draco a half dragon and Mayra Pealten who's a human (later I made a story with them XD) - Skyler,Dragon form,sky vieuw by TintjeMadelintje101 and Skyler Human, colour version by TintjeMadelintje101 - Mayra Pealten O.O colour by TintjeMadelintje101 -

Also I've drew a couple of random drawings like - You see what I see? by TintjeMadelintje101School Girl, pass photo by TintjeMadelintje101Kissing scene test by TintjeMadelintje101The beauty of nature by TintjeMadelintje101 - and ect.

and I tried for the first time Pixel art - Sunrise Stamp by TintjeMadelintje101 - and then didn't do much with that.
Let's just say in 2010, 2011 and 2012 (In 2012 I started to do more regularly Pixel art XD) I was really active on DA and I have allooooot of things in those times XD
I don't remember when anymore but during the years I got to know more and more people which I adored and saw as an example like MiyaToriaka, dCskia and Drache-Lehre, I also got friends which I never thought I would ever get like RayquazaGaby, DarmanInigo, Seiryu6, AffectionsXTouchingX, MegMewMew, Rotten-Apple-Doodle, Whispering-Starz and ExSuicune

In 2010 (november 29th 2010) something amazing happened to me, I met my fiance, (which is nening btw ;) he joined after he met me to share some of his idea's and works) my life got a complete twirl around and I began to see the world in a positive perspective, before that the only place which was nice and felt like people accepted me was DA and my own home.

also my drawings started to get better and better and better.
I even did a draw this again meme on my first piece I drew out of my head - Draw this again meme by TintjeMadelintje101 -  which I could see I got better in proportions (I made up my own proportion manner XD) and I got allot better then in 1 year...

Everything till today has been a heck of a ride, I started a new school which was a school where people accepted me like me, but the problem was I had trouble finding a internship, people at buisnisses didn't want me so I failled my first year because of that (well fail I was send to the second year but I had trouble) I started to feel insecure of myself while my fiance tried to cheer me up, I fell in a dark hole again when
2 of my cats died... I fought on with the little hope I had, and I could find a place that wanted me for half a year (I was allowed to do one more year to try to get my diploma), it broke me completely, my days were completely full and my weekends was sleeping, while I was strugglign so much my most dearest cat passed away aswell, that only made my situation worse I couldn't sleep I was crying, my internship was nice to give me some space, they understood my pain and were ashocked that I still came.
I drew then the days how I felt (here - tintjemadelintje101.deviantart… -) it made me bring the pain a place and feel at peace again, knowing that I did everythign for her and that she was now resting peacefully.
after that I managed to finish my internship and go back to school to do my exams again, I passed and recieved my diploma.
I was broken and felt horrible. on DA I tried to be as nice as I could, I did snap at some people and was sometimes angry for nothing.
I changed my perspective on the world again, my fiance was there for me all the time, he tried to cheer me up, comforted me when needed, and listened to the pain in my heart at the moment I needed the most.

I learned what is important to me and what not, I now might sound heartless to some people or even emotionless in some cases. But I made my decisions those are:
- Not watching the news anymore
- Listen to what someone has to say, think about it and decide if you care or not.
- If something happens far from home, it has nothing to do with me, it won't help anyway if I do care.
- Some people are who they are, they express how they want, that doesn't mean I agree.
and as last
- I am myself, I like what I like, I decide what important or not to me, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

I grew allot in the years.
DA changed my life for the better, but also for the worse, some people became mad because I said something they disagree with, some people don't like what I do, but that's ok, we are all human and we have our own opinions in every matter.

As last I'm gonna say one thing which many people have struggle to believe, so if you don't it's fine by me :)
I'm an atheist, I don't believe in a god or more gods. (that is what atheist means literaly - here is the definition… - )
but that doesn't say I don't believe in life after death.

Like I said in the beginning, if you wish to have a more indepth story about my life until this day, then feel free to ask, if you are willing to read allot and willing to listen >_< I'll tell you.

Well that was is for this journal.

This is TintjeMadelintje101 signing out : salute:



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